WP3: Strengthening capacities

WP3 is led by Fraunhofer and aims to develop a strategy for stepping up the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of TUIASI in the field of neuro-imaging processing through using artificial intelligence for early detection and discrimination between various neuro-disorders (dementia, sclerosis, mild cognitive impairment, Parkinson, Alzheimer disease etc.).

This “scientific cooperation strategy” will be led by Fraunhofer.

In order to reach the above mentioned objective, three sub-objectives are defined:

1) To train researchers, and in particular early-stage researchers from TUIASI in state-of-the-art scientific approaches (methods and instruments) in the field of neuro-imaging

2) To improve the skills of TUIASI administrative staff in writing protocols to formalise methods and approaches, in making good presentations and in establishing successful scientific collaborations with international partners

3) To train TUIASI research staff through expert visits and invitations to scientific meetings, allowing them learn from peers in the same scientific domain, and thereby improving the science and technology capacities of TUIASI as an institution on the long term

WP3 – Strengthening capacities

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash