WP7: Communication, dissemination and exploitation

WP7 is led by ZSI. Three core objectives translate into five wider objectives:

  1. Management of the project’s public appearance and dissemination of the project’s results to identified target groups
  2. Inceasing the visibility of TUIASI both nationally and internationally and facilitating the exploitation of the results generated by the project
  3. Steering the whole communication workflow of the project that includes all project partners equally

This translates to the following five wider objectives:

  1. Raising the institutional profile of TUIASI in Romania and in the EU
  2. Creating synergies with national and international partners for future project collaborations
  3. Reaching out to society to show the impact of EU funding
  4. Circulating knowledge around neuro-engineering within BrainTwin’s community of stakeholders
  5. Monitoring of relevant news pertaining to neuro-engineering to feed them back to the project consortium

WP7 – Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Photo by Headway on Unsplash